Your Own Food Drive

Here is a sample announcement for a food drive, which you can use to create your own announcement or flier. Feel free to make whatever changes you want. Be sure to include the date when the food drive ends; the place where the food will be donated; the types of food you need; the address to which the food will be dropped off; and your name and contact information.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me! I will do my best to help. You can reach me at:

Your Name Here
Your Street Address
Your Town, State, Zip Code

It’s a food drive! The Christie Street Project will be collecting food to donate to [ABC Food Pantry] in [Your Town] beginning now, until [fill in date].

Here’s how you can help: [ABC Food Pantry] especially needs cereal for children, canned food like soups, boxes of pasta, and children’s diapers (please, no perishable or breakable items).

Please leave your donation of food [on my front steps] at any time before [fill in the date]. This is totally contact-free; no need to ring the doorbell. I will be checking [the front steps] several times each day and will add your donation to the bags of food that are going to help our hungry neighbors.

Food pantries have closed during the pandemic due to lack of volunteers, just when they are needed more than ever. It is shocking to see how many people urgently need food. Across the country, at food pantries, there are long lines of people, some with children, waiting patiently for bags of food; packed parking lots with cars maneuvering slowly in and out; a line of cars waiting in the street to get in – all of this is taking place now, right here in [Your Town]. There is a desperate need for food.

Thank you for your time.

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Your Email Address, if you wish