By the year 2350, New York City lies in ruins, utterly deserted, skyscrapers broken and open to the sky.  Forced underground by a hugely powerful hurricane 300 years earlier, the 7,000 souls who sheltered in the subway system became the sole survivors of what was once a great city.  Desperate and determined, New Yorkers pulled together, creating a sustainable, self-contained society in the 840 miles of subway platforms and tunnels which make up the City’s subway system. Safe beneath the surface, they are free from the devastating effects of global warming, but are forbidden to leave. 

Manny Stewart, son of the Chief of Police in the Colony, comes of age in a society which discourages questions about the outside world. Is it safe to return to the surface?  No one knows, and the technology to record and analyze the environment has been lost.  When Manny and his friends bribe a guard to open the door at Penn Station so they can watch the sun rise, they are astonished by what they see. 

Never See the Sun Again, a work of speculative fiction, is Susan Greenberg Feltman’s debut novel, available in ebook and paperback at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and these other fine booksellers.

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